SMRs and other Advanced Nuclear Technologies Present Diversified Clean Energy Options Beyond Baseload Electricity Generation




Advanced Reactors

Large Light Water Reactors (LWRs) with advanced safety features
Non-Water Reactors
Flexible Electricity Generation
Clean Water
Chemical Processes
Hydrogen Production
Industrial Applications

SMRs and other advanced reactors operate without carbon or air pollution emissions and offer operational flexibility that can enable a faster transition to a clean energy economy through:


Enhancing Energy Access – SMRs can be scaled to fit the grid size and load follow with renewable sources to ensure resilient and dispatchable clean power.


Providing Clean Water – SMRs can support critical needs in water stressed areas by providing clean drinking water through desalination.


Powering Heavy Industry – SMRs can support energy-intensive industrial processes, replacing coal or other carbon intensive sources.


Hydrogen Production – SMRs can provide cost-competitive, carbon-free hydrogen production to help decarbonize other energy sectors such as transportation.

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